[zentyal-announce] Zentyal 3.0 Beta | Zentyal 2.3-2 beta installer available (Feature reeze is ON)!

José Antonio Calvo jacalvo at zentyal.com
Thu Jul 19 08:48:00 CEST 2012

Hi Zentyal community,

We are glad to let you know that Zentyal has already entered the feature 
freeze period for 3.0, meaning that from now on we will be focused on 
polishing and bugfixing until September. To celebrate this, we bring you 
a new installer including new versions of most of the packages. This 
means that in this release you can find almost all the functionality 
that will be present in the final Zentyal 3.0, but it's still a beta 
with lots of rough edges. We're looking forward to receiving your 
feedback & bug reports, to be able to release the first Zentyal 3.0 
Release Candidate version in a few weeks.

You can download both 32 and 64 bit versions of Zentyal 2.3-2 at 

Some of the highlights included in this new version are:

- First version of the brand new HTTP proxy module, with a much simpler 
interface and improvements like now it is possible to apply different 
filter profiles on different time periods.

- New features on Samba4, allowing to set administrator account or edit 
general settings without having to disable the module.

- Several improvements in Firewall, OpenVPN and Captive Portal modules, 
featuring support for SNAT rules, MAC filtering and Captive Portal 
objects and services exceptions.

- Jabber module now supports shared roster, vCards, STUN and Proxy 
configuration, and even integration with the Zarafa Webapp!

- Changes are now saved in a dialog that disappears when the process has 
finished without redirecting the user to a different page. Also it 
blocks any action on the interface while saving the changes for safety 

- Support for confirmation dialogs at framework level that can be 
triggered with any action on the models.

- Lots of other bugfixes and minor improvements!

In general, if you have already a working Zentyal 2.3 installation, you 
can try to upgrade, but it's always safer to do a fresh install. Take 
into account that specially the Proxy module has changed from top to 
bottom so you'll have to reconfigure it. Take also into account that 
this is a beta first version so you will find some problems, but, with 
your feedback, we hope to fix them all very soon.

And please, remember that Zentyal 2.3 is a beta release and it is not 
intended for production environments. Happy testing!

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo - Software Architect
jacalvo at zentyal.com

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